Iris Burning

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Strategy Business Combat Simulator
by DCM Studios

A strategy game whose offer you can't refuse.

Adequate performance.

Iris Burning is a strategy game of guns, glory, and money—but mostly money.

In the year 2151, most everyone who has the money to leave has left the Earth: not because it's any better out there in space, but because Earth is about to become a lot worse, and those with the means to get away aren't hesitating.

A notorious investment bank, White Stone Capital, has commissioned you, a clever yet adequate venture capitalist, to run a mining operation on the planet Iris, named for its crust rich with the metal Iridium, known for its alloying capabilities to make space travel safe and cheap.

The catch: There will be stiff competition. Prove yourself worthy, and there will be great rewards to come.

Crush your friends with your army...
or your checkbook.

Variety of units

Iris Burning keeps it tactical, with a total of 10 unique units to choose from, from infantry, to tanks, artillery, and even giant bipedal mechs. These units each have their own individual Equipment Upgrades, which allow you to tailor your forces to your exact style of play—whatever the task at hand demands.

Or maybe you're the defensive type: you prefer the back-door manipulation. For every unit of Iridium you sell, the global price in the current match is affected. Therefore, if you own more, you control the price, and if you control the price, you control their profit. Mine to your heart's content, and keep a thumb on your enemies.

You can even buy stocks in NPC companies and gain perks of ownership like extra cash, iridium, units, or even special exclusive units and structures.

There's no such thing as a free lunch.

Adequate performance.

In Iris Burning, you must be not only a cunning tactician, but also a smart businessman.

Anyone who was half-awake in their Economics 101 class knows that no matter what you do, it's going to cost someone something. That's why as a player, every action you take has a proportional cost, from merely paying your units to move around, to the cost of bullets when attacking your enemies—a constraint never-before-seen in modern strategy gaming.

For this reason, you must carefully curate every decision you make, or else it might cost you more than a few expendable minions.

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